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Welcome to Office Setup Inc. with maximum year of experiance well known Chair Manufecture and suppliers in the market. we make unique chair designs for our cutomers. we have n numbers of differents chairs like office chairs, big circle wicker, Student chairs, bliss chairs, mesh chairs, director chair, clerk chair, leek chair, pro game chair, visitor chair and many more type of chair available in our store. we can also make new designs as per customers requirment. Pro game chair is new in or store this is very usefull for office workers also this is very usefull in bad posture seating(when we sit wrong posture on chair). We can also repair old and damage chairs and make them new and unique know one can even think. We can give service after sale of chairs.

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It's our pashion to deliver best quality product to our customer. All our manufactured product are going through a 3 tuff quality analysis steps, aftrethat we'll sell them in market. we have been market our product more then 120 countries. we also have catalog in our website you can even download catalog and check our newely designed chairs and book them from website and you can call us. If you like a chair but not the fabric we can cahnge as per your requirment. You can setup your office by us all your Office Furniture, office interior, designs each and everything by us from tail to foot. Our main moto is our customer is fully satisfy our services.